Testimony 1

Had been suffering from arthritis for two to three years. Said; “Back in March I was dragging myself around and my legs were killing me”. Consultant said she had an arthritic hip and would need an operation. Had received prayer from her own church and from the Healing Rooms. She was feeling much better (only had twinges) and decided to attempt a three mile walk. She managed the walk without any problems, felt tired afterwards and had a half hour rest. She then felt “full of life”, did “loads of gardening” and still felt O.K. She said; “I’m really thrilled”.

Testimony 2

Arthritis in knee and hands causing pain and swelling (so painful had difficulty in getting out of chair). Prayed for at healing rooms on Friday and reported that by following Sunday 95% of swelling had gone down!


Testimony 3

Arthritis in both knees. Nagging pain. Had received prayer at Healing Rooms and received some improvement. Later during church sermon felt God was telling him to pray for himself which he did. Gradually the pain disappeared and within weeks had no pain at all.