PMR (Polymyaglia Rhumatica) and other issues

I visited The Healing Rooms and received prayer for various health problems.

The first problem has been with me for four and a half years was PMR (Polymyaglia Rhumatica) and I have been on steroids during this time. At times I have found it extremely hard to walk and even been in a wheelchair.

Another problem was pain with my eye. Optician arranged for me to go to hospital immediately as the eye pressure was very high (27). I was put on medication for glaucoma and put on extra steroids to bring down the inflammation.

Three days after this I heard a program on Christian Radio on Healing and was also reading the book by Kenneth E Hagin on Healing; (“Health Food Devotions” which had been recommended by Healing Rooms). One night I could not sleep and felt God did not want me to live like this any more – waiting for the next problem to arise.  In the book Hagin describes how simple faith works – speaking the words in Matthew 8.17 that Jesus took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses.  Because I believed that in my heart and said it with my mouth – I am healed. That night I was absolutely sure this was true and next morning stopped taking my medication (*).  Previously when I’ve tried to cut down and stop my steroids I was really unwell but that morning I had no symptoms. I have been at the hospital this week for an eye check and told the Registrar the story. He said: “Did you not realise that you cannot stop steroids immediately, but only by a gradual process.’ When he checked he said my eye pressure was normal (13) yet I had been off the steroids for 4 weeks.  I just have to praise God and give him the glory.

Since then I walk three miles every day (even though I am nearly eighty years old) and feel stronger than I did ten years ago.


(* note: The Healing Rooms do not recommend this!)