On this page, you are able to read through some of the amazing testimonies of healing given by people who have attended the Burgess Hill Healing Rooms and have been affected by the Healing power of Jesus.
Each of the testimonies are categorised by type. You may find many stories of healing from the same (or similar) illness within each category. We encourage you to take some time to read through these incredible stories; each one represents a real person healed.

Probably as a reaction to prolonged stress one of my prayer requests at the Healing Rooms was for healing of pins and needles and tingling in my left arm and hand. One of the members of the prayer team had experienced hot and tingling hands prior to me going into the room. She prayed for […]

Pins & Needles in Arm & Hand

During 2013 I experienced a severe back trauma which was very disabling. For a time I was bedridden and needed to take morphine & other prescription pain-killers from the paramedics and doctors. I attended the Burgess Hill Healing Rooms and received prayer and healing in the name of Jesus. Now I am considerably better and […]

Back Trauma

I felt my physical condition gradually deteriorating over the last year due to serious heart problems. I had to walk slower and slower before getting out of breath and in the end had to buy a mobility scooter. I now know that I looked very ill, my breathing was erratic and my lips were going […]

Heart Problems

At Healing rooms I got prayer over quite a while and some things got healed instantly, others took longer. For a long time I’d had low blood pressure and dizziness. This was healed instantly and my blood pressure is now normal. Every time I went to the Healing Rooms I felt so at peace and […]

Low Blood Pressure & Dizziness

Burgess Hill Healing Rooms has been a “lifesaver” through desperate times. I have been able to off load the cries of my heart and the prayer team have understood, taken on board and prayed with faith to see things changed. I have had specific answers to prayer and I have come through it all to […]

Shoulder impingement

Came to the Healing Rooms a number of times to receive prayer for depression and OCD. The nature of the OCD was that he had to write down names and numbers wherever he saw them; on TV adverts, passing vans, names of people he met and any numbers mentioned by them. He accumulated very many […]

Depression and OCD.

Had a number of health problems one of which was high blood pressure; this was 200/98 despite taking 2 tablets to control it. For various reasons had to reduce medication to only one tablet but following prayer in the Healing rooms her blood pressure went down to 135/75. Also her health worker said that she […]

High Blood pressure

For 5 months I had what I thought was a recurring chest and throat infection. I kept going back to the doctor who gave me increasing doses of antibiotics to no avail. Eventually I had an X-ray and was referred to the chest specialist. My G.P. said “I just don’t know what to do. The […]

Double pneumonia & partially deflated lung

Severe gum disease and also suffering from kidney/bladder problems. Felt “poisoned” and “at the end of her tether”. Had one tooth extracted and was told that it would probably be necessary to take out three more. After prayer the gum disease and swelling had subsided so much that when she visited the dentist to have […]

Gum Disease

Came to Healing Rooms a number of times over a period of three months suffering from back, hip, knee and ankle pains resulting from a bike accident some years ago. After first prayer session his back improved greatly and at following sessions his hips, legs and knees and finally a stiff left ankle all improved.

Back, Hip, Knee Pain

Had been diagnosed with cancer and was told that she would need two operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Received prayer. Despite the prognosis found herself frequently full of the Lord’s joy after meditating on the scripture she had been given; “May the God of hope fill you with all peace and joy as you trust in […]


Young man had a hearing loss and was told he would need hearing aids. He was distressed at this prospect. After prayer in the Healing Rooms he had another test which showed that his hearing had significantly improved and it was unlikely that he would need hearing aids. A further assessment would be made.

Hearing Loss

In great pain. Even having difficulty in walking. Team of three from healing room’s team prayed after morning service on Sunday 5th Dec. Reported that was considerably better by Monday 6th Dec (i.e. healed during night). Able to walk and go to work as normal. Only had slight residual discomfort.  (NB Cracked ribs normally take […]

Cracked Rib

Left hand felt out of joint. Received prayer at Healing Rooms 3rd June. On 12th June reported “pretty sure hand is better now”.

Hand felt out of joint

Suffered tennis elbow for 2 years. Had had six injections in both elbows and still in pain. Attended Healing Rooms training seminar in Oct. 2010. Started receiving prayer from Healing Rooms and claiming the Word for her own healing. If negative thoughts came up would say; “no, I’m not going to look at symptoms I’m […]

Tennis Elbow

When I came to The Healing Rooms I had high blood pressure, a spirit of fear and a ganglion on my wrist a bit bigger than a 50p piece. It was large swollen and painful. I asked for a miracle. About two months later I felt something moving in my wrist, the pain just disappeared […]

Spirit of Fear, High Blood Pressure and Ganglion

I fell on ice and tore my knee cap. It was really painful, would crack every now and then, causing pain for about a day and was tender to touch. I was unable to kneel and could only walk short distances (I was unable to walk to the letter box at the end of the […]

Damaged Knee Cap

Lady had Sjogrens Syndrome; an incurable autoimmune condition. This caused burning patches and bumps on the skin, her legs were sore and her feet in particular were sore and painful making it difficult to walk any distance. She got hot and her clothes were uncomfortable. She also had aching joints, and would sometimes have to […]

Autoimmune Condition

On Friday March 18th I visited the healing rooms with a request for prayer for my daughter who has Type 1 diabetic which has caused complications with her sight. Her problems started just over two years ago and she has been having regular hospital treatments since then. I received prayer and you anointed me with […]

Diabetic Eyesight Complication

I hope that you remember that I asked you recently to pray for my friend who was preparing to have an operation.  I spoke with her at church today and was surprised to hear that she didn’t have the operation.   She told me that her surgeon said that she didn’t need the operation now.  She […]

Operation Cancelled

I had had depression for about four years. It was mixed with social anxiety and prevented me from doing many things. During the last year I became suicidal and the Crisis Team had to admit me into hospital because they were so concerned that I might carry it through. Altogether I had to go into […]


I visited The Healing Rooms and received prayer for various health problems. The first problem has been with me for four and a half years was PMR (Polymyaglia Rhumatica) and I have been on steroids during this time. At times I have found it extremely hard to walk and even been in a wheelchair. Another […]

PMR (Polymyaglia Rhumatica) and other issues

Amazing When my husband drove up to The Burgess Hill Healing Rooms he was really poorly…When he got back, he lit up and said; “I don’t know what happened in that room but I feel really amazing”   Blessed and Helped To all the team at the Healing Rooms; I just wanted to say thank […]

Other Comments Received

Optician found that the pressure in her eyes was abnormally high and was told that further tests would be required. This was particularly worrying because of a family history of glaucoma. On 18th Sept. sent an E mail “I just wanted to thank everyone for praying for me last Friday. I went to the Optician […]


Testimony 1 Long term back pain. Whilst being prayed for at healing rooms she moved and twisted her back in some amazing contortions!  Later said that within a few days it was “a lot, lot better”. Testimony 2 I’d had back pain for three years. It was on and off but could be really bad. […]

Back Pain

Testimony 1 Had been suffering from arthritis for two to three years. Said; “Back in March I was dragging myself around and my legs were killing me”. Consultant said she had an arthritic hip and would need an operation. Had received prayer from her own church and from the Healing Rooms. She was feeling much […]