Depression and OCD.

Came to the Healing Rooms a number of times to receive prayer for depression and OCD. The nature of the OCD was that he had to write down names and numbers wherever he saw them; on TV adverts, passing vans, names of people he met and any numbers mentioned by them. He accumulated very many notes of all the names and numbers and was unable to make himself get rid of them. He was also unable to do a number of things such as watching TV for fear of seeing numbers which he would have to write down.

After three or four weeks of prayer he reported that the depression had greatly improved. He continued to receive prayer for the OCD and then stopped coming. A year later reported that he had gradually been healed of the OCD and said “I can now watch TV and if I see anyone in town and don’t remember their name I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I have got rid of all my notes, of everything in my pockets. I shredded it all”.