Heart Problems

I felt my physical condition gradually deteriorating over the last year due to serious heart problems. I had to walk slower and slower before getting out of breath and in the end had to buy a mobility scooter. I now know that I looked very ill, my breathing was erratic and my lips were going blue. I came to Burgess Hill Healing Rooms twice for prayer. My Church in Haywards Heath and my son’s church in Weymouth were also praying.
The cardiac consultant more or less wrote me off saying that an operation was not possible. I asked for a second opinion at the Royal Brompton Hospital but the day before my appointment I collapsed with a heart block and was taken to the Princess Royal Hospital for a pacemaker to be fitted. This didn’t resolve the problem. Finally I was taken to the Royal Brompton Hospital and told that they had to operate; that I might die if I had the operation but I would certainly die if I didn’t! Due to God’s will we found the people with the skill to complete the dangerous operation. My heart had to be taken out of my body and it was touch and go but eventually the operation was a success. I believe the success was not just due to the skill of the doctors but also due to the healing prayers from the Healing Rooms and my friends in in the churches. It is because of everyone who strived to keep me alive that I am able to write this note to you all and thank you for your support. The recovery after my release from hospital was a very speedy success with all your good will and prayers.