Other Comments Received

When my husband drove up to The Burgess Hill Healing Rooms he was really poorly…When he got back, he lit up and said; “I don’t know what happened in that room but I feel really amazing”


Blessed and Helped

To all the team at the Healing Rooms; I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the faith filled prayer this year.  I have always left feeling blessed and helped.  I know God has brought much healing and I am ready to see that completed as I continue speaking out His promises.

Thank you all for all your love and acceptance.



Thank you so much for our time of conversation and prayer the other Friday.  My Sister-in-law texted me the next day to see how it went and I described it with one word ‘Amazing’.  I took away so much from what each one of you said, thank you.  I did come away realising that I had not been aware of how much God had done for my husband and all of us already and this has really helped me.

We appreciate all your help so much.


Thank you

I wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for the ministry I received on Friday. It was an amazing experience and I felt truly blessed by all that I received. There was an overwhelming sense of God’s presence and I came away with a wonderful sense of peace.
Every blessing to you.


Thank you

After receiving prayer from the Healing Rooms I felt an incredible Thank you’ and now have awareness that God understands where I am in my current situation.

I feel a sense of God’s love and peace; closeness to God like an emotional closeness because God knows my heart. It was a calming experience.


Thank you

Thank you to the team I really felt the presence of the Lord. Thoughtful healing prayers and kindness. I am much better and the pain has eased. I also appreciate the words you gave me about worship and just staying in His Presence.Be blessed as you carry on His wonderful work.


Other Thank you’s

“Thank you for Friday. It was very, very effective. It’s been wonderful thank you. God’s blessings on you and the Healing team.”

“Was so helpful and really enjoyed it. Feel much better.”

“I thought Healing Rooms was wonderful!”

“I felt I was in a circle of love”

“I felt the burdens lift off my shoulders”

“The Lord’s been amazing; every time he comes”

One guest who came in feeling bent over with burdens said she “felt tall” as she left

“I feel better already”